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S*Masjka's Sibiriska katter

Miauu and welcome to our site!


My name is Pauline Johansson, I live together with my three Siberian Catgirls Pim-Pim, Idun and Mira.


We live safely at the countryside so the cats has the opportunity to be ´out-of-doors´ during the daytime - when I´m at home - if they so wish. If they have been ´out-of-doors´ I call on them to come inside the house before evening comes.


I breed Siberian cats in home environment. The cats are my family members and they are together with me wherever they wish to be in the house. I don´t let the kittens into my wardrobe - in case they get lost in there..…


The intention with my breeding is to get healthy, nice and so ´breed typical´ Siberian cats as possible, primarily to be Your family member and also for breeding and exhibitions.


I follow the Siberian Cat Society's breeding recommendations and Sverak´s rules for cattery. (Sverak is the Swedish Catclub Association)


I prefer to leave the kittens in their new homes, they will leave my home earliest at 14 weeks of age.


At the time for ´move from home´ the kittens are:

Registred, Chipped with ID, Vaccinated, Dewormed and Inspected by a Veterinarian.


For a better understanding of the pages written in Swedish please find below an explanation of the menu lines. If You have any questions You are welcome to send me an e-mail.



Mjauu: Is the start page as you just have read in English.

Den Sibirisk katten: Is a page who tells you the Presentation of breed.

Mina Katter: A presentation of my cat´s, the ones I live

together with and cats who have left my house

and breeding males.

Tidigare kullar: Previous litters.

Nuvarande kull: Current litter.

På Gång: Coming up in the near future.

Regnbågsbron: This is a poem The Rainbow Bridge written by

William N Britton the photograph depicts my cat

Masjka 2012 who waits for me at the Rainbow bridge.

Kontakta oss: This is how one can get in touch with us.

Images above are linked to the respective website.